Other Projects

AT Architecture provides a number of services to the built environment including interior tenant improvements for remodel and new shell buildings. These are mainly office and retail uses. We have had the privilege of working on kiosk designs. We provide construction and project estimates. We've worked with clients and contractors in providing a design/build package. We are prepared to do an energy audit to provide a recommendation to save costs by upgrading your structure. We can provide you with a shopping list for different options and their corresponding savings. Feasibility studies, site selection services and other pre-design services including master planning and Programming and Planning Conferences. The P&PC is used primarily with churches to solidify the unity of the congregation to move forward with a master plan and the next phase. Outdoor and indoor pool facilities are in our repertoire. Green design has become very popular. We have experience in many areas of green design and are prepared to provide the most extensive green design recognized as LEED.

We would be delighted to talk with you about any questions you have about architecture and services. Do not hesitate to contact us. We have a friendly staff who are happy to be frank and honest with you.

Our Projects

Billings Christian School Billings Christian School
Billings, MT
Phase II - Gym/Dressing Room
Master Plan
Proposed Clinic Proposed Clinic
Billings, MT
6,000 SF Clinic
Manufacturing facility Manufacturing facility
Bozeman, MT
69,082 sf
Carenet Tenant Improvement Carenet Tenant Improvement
Billings, MT
3,120 sf - Office tenant improvement
Coffee Kiosk Coffee Kiosk
88 sf designed to be placed in various locations throughout the US.